Ursa Major

A tumblr dedicated to the adventures of Ursa, our new Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy.

Bernese Camping Dog

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Ursa was fixed. She was not pleased.

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She does this for hours.

— 4 months ago
"Matt and I were just used for a bone.
Ursa was happily chewing on a retriever roll while Matt and I were watching TV. Elphie almost never comes and sits with us on the couch, but she suddenly did — with an uncharacteristically big Elphie smile. Naturally, Matt and I were amazed and pleased and showered her with affection. Ursa, seeing this, got up to claim some of the affection. At which point, Elphie immediately sprang away from us, snatched the bone, and ran away with it.
Elphie is an evil genius."
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Ursa loves Chewie.

— 4 months ago

Ursa playdate part 2!

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